Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Father has a heart too

Why does everybody expect the Father to be supremely strong? A father has a heart too. Each time my baby cries in pain, each time he hits me, each time he twists in nausea, each moment his eyes convey sadness, my heart breaks. My eyes fill with tears, I lothe myself at my helplessness.
But I cannot cry. I go to the bathroom and cry. I write.

He was so happy in the morning. We played. We had a pillow fight too. But as the evening and nights approach, he gets cranky. He is nauseated. He has stomach and jaw pain. He wants to eat but cannot. He cries. He hits me like crazy. And my heart hurts. Not because he is hitting me. Because he is in pain. And I cannot protect my little one.

A promise to myself and to him...tomorrow will be better than today. We have the blessings and support of so many friends and family. If not to us, God has to listen to them.


Unknown said...

I saw a glimpse of Nikhil in pain this evening. I could see the pain flowing through him while he was trying to hide it from others. I wish I could do more than few nice and supporting words at that time.

Here is something I was watching last night and immediately there was noone else but Nikhil and Shivam in my mind ..

Nikhil, you will get through this. We are always there for you. May God grant you all the strength!

Always there for you!

Deepak said...

Nikhil and Urmila, God is testing your patience, please dont break your hearts, he has to do justice for the innocent child.
As a parent, I can understand what you both are going through. You both are the toughest people I have ever met, you have gone through many hardships and have succeeded, so just wait and pray, good days are just around the corner. All our best wishes and prayers are with you. I have prayed to my god SAI BABA, he will definately help you out. We wish we could do more for you guys, and be there close to you in these hard times.

Dont lose heart, be brave for the little one.

Shilpa & Deepak.

Unknown said...

Since the time I came to know about Shivam, I keep thinking about him. As a parent it's really hard to see your little one going through all this but we need to be strong. With such strong and doting parents Shivam will fight this disease with courage and win over it.

If you need any help please let me know. With tonnes of love to Shivam.


Unknown said...

Nikhil and Urmi,
We came to know of your blog today and cannot stop thinking of Shivam. I cannot imagine what you guys are going through right now. But we know that you both are extraordinarily strong, Our prayers are with you and we all stand by you in these difficult times and with your will power and determination, you all are going to come out this situation fine.

Love to Shivam.

Shilpa, Yuvraj