Thursday, April 3, 2008

Be positive is the mantra of the day

We are now gradually settling into a routine. We also understand (almost) Shivam's moods and pains and we give him appropriate medicines accordingly.

One thing to note: Shivam does NOT need pity nor does he need a concerned "How are you doing?". What he needs is a smile, words of encouragement, high-five's, "You are my HERO!!!" and lots of bright smiles and cheerful attitude. The more happy and energetic we are around him, he takes on that mood. Of course, he does need love and hugs and kisses. And daddy's bear hug of assurance that he is safe and nothing will happen to him. We need to make him feel special and be our Hero.

Tomorrow is a big day for him (and us). He is getting another port access, spinal tap and bone marrow test. He will be cranky and in a bad mood. But, as parents and friends and elders, it's our support and encouragement that will pull him through.

One shameless plug: If you can, please join Shivam's teacher, Ms. Leah in supporting March of Dimes March for Babies. Her personal webpage for this is: This is a great cause and each small drop will help fill the big ocean.

We (actually Urmila) found another couple who have gone through the same experience and are willing to help us understand this more. We would be meeting them next week. They have highly recommended the book, Childhood Leukemia, by Nancy Keene. This is my next priority to read.


Unknown said...

Hi Nikhil, Urmila, and Shivam -

With your grit and determination, and the support of your loved ones this will pass!
You are in our thoughts and prayers and can count on us for any help that you may need along the way.
Thank you Urmila/Nikhil for blogging your daily experiences / emotions and allowing us to be a part of this journey.
Best Wishes and love to Shivam-
Kavitha and Prashant

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikhil, Urmila, Shivam and Meera,

I am so thankful you have this blog spot so I can read about whats going on in Shivam's life today. I have shown the pictures to the kids and they are ecstatic to see their friend with a smile on his face. The families have been checking the blogs and are so amazed by your strength. We would love to get the kids connected through the web using a program called Skype. I really hope to bring some normality an happiness to Shivam's life and I know he would love to see all his friends even though he isolated. We can't wait to see you!
-Leah, Connor, Marcus, Anika, Nam and Anna:)