Sunday, April 6, 2008

There will be better days

I desperately wanted to title this post as "Some days are worse than others" but trying to be positive forced me to choose a title with a positive word and note.

Shivam had his chemotherapy dose of vincristine and daunorubicin on Friday (along with bone marrow aspirite). These medicines make one feel very sick in the stomach. Since morning, he has not been eating anything, thrown up many times and now he is running fever in the warning range. We have been monitoring it every half hour since 10 PM but it is not going down. The poor kid is totally nauseated and we are on a war path to give him anti-nausea medicines (after talking with Dr. Rabi Hanna who is oncall tonight at Children's). Today he is clinging to Urmila and not me. I guess when in extreme pain, one thinks of Mom more than Dad.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shivam&Singhal Family,

Thanks for updating everyday So I can know how shivam is doing.I went to temple yesterday and did prayers for shivam to have the strength to fight everything and be brave boy.I hope Shivam has a better day today.All the parents are asking about you in center.

I love you shivam and thinking about you everyone.
I hope Meera is healthy by now and I miss her so much

Anonymous said...

I am Nilesh and Aloka's sister. I have been following up on your posts right from the time I heard about the news. I am not able to keep myself from posting a comment on your blog. I have Shivam in my thoughts all the time and pray that he has a speedy recovery and will be free of his pain soon.
Sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job keeping things light. I am amazed that while so much is going on you are taking the time and effort to update your posts. This is truly commendable.
Keep it up!!

sudeb said...

yes tommorrow would surely be a better day..

Anonymous said...

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