Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ding-ding: Next round starts

The last 2 days have been mostly quiet. All of us are resting a lot and recovering our energy for the next storm.

Shivam is scheduled for another round of intensive chemotherapy starting tomorrow. This will continue for the next 5 days. We will know more about the exact treatment plan when we meet the doctors.

Ms. Leah stopped by last night and Shivam lit up when he saw her. She played with him and got him a lot of pictures she had taken when she visited him in the hospital. She has promised to visit him again today.

Matrix Reloaded was actually able to hold Shivam's attention for the full 2 hours. We have almost fully weaned him off the pain and nausea medicines. Almost. Since he was on them for almost a month, it will take around a week to complete stop them.

More updates sometime tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Its really nice Shivam is settling down at home.
Don't worry at all, Shivam's strength, your determination, friends and families blessings and God's support will help him through the chemo.
I know it is easy to say all this - but please have full faith.

Anonymous said...

Please God please give Shivam the strength to stand the chemo..
God bless you Shivam..