Friday, May 23, 2008

A month of celebrations

This month is a month of celebrations. A few days ago, it was Meera's birthday. May 21st was Bapu and Mummy's anniversary. Today Aloka shared the good news of her passing a super tough exam. Kamesh's double MBA celebration is tomorrow (Vaishu, I guess it's no longer a surprise party - Thanks to Nilesh). Shivam passed his blood work test with flying colors. He also has started eating some food by mouth. Today was murku eating day. Whew... I could list a few more, but you get the drift, right?

We are settling into a routine now. With Shivam being more energetic, happy and full of life, things seem to be moving in the right direction.

Shivam has become crazy for Ms. Leah and when she called today that she would not be able to make it for some urgent personal reason, he went ballistic. But it felt good to have a normal, cranky, screaming 3 year old.

Shivam's 3 year birthday is coming up and we already have a list of "presents" he wants for his birthday. I was surprised to see him articulate his wish list.

Meera pulled out Shivam's nose tube yesterday while they were playing and she caught him in an unguarded moment. Thursdays are heavy on chemo drugs and we had to rush to the emergency at 5 PM to get a new nose tube. The wait was long and we finally came back by 10 PM. Shivam is now extra cautious when Meera is around. It’s incredible to see the human mind in adaptation and action mode.

Next month, as I mentioned earlier, is the consolidation month. Actually, it's next month and the month after. These 2 are the heaviest months in terms of chemo. Hopefully, Shivam will recover enough to sustain the onslaught of the drugs and pokes.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Unknown said...

I am sure Shivam will pass that too with flying colors. God is with all of us. He will take care of the little one. Happy Birthday in advance Shivam!

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear good news from your end...Well deserved for all of you. Sometimes I see a pattern of the good and the bad and there is always a silver lining around every cloud...
Shivam is STRENGTH. He is my hero now and always and you parents are just great. I wish your parents ongratulations. Congratulations Aloka and Kamesh...Time to chill while the sun is out.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear on ur celebrations..great going..

Anonymous said...

Same as Aloka and Kamesh..Shivam will also pass his chemo and we all will read you happy post right here...waiting for that day

God bless you Shivam..