Sunday, May 18, 2008

A whiff of normalcy

Last evening, the sweet, rich, flavorful aroma of Kaju Masala filled the home. We came back from a huge costco trip and everybody was hungry. She quickly made phulka’s and kaju masala in just 5 mins. It was the best kaju masala I have ever tasted.

Shivam was sleeping and had gone up to his room. But even he came down and wanted to have a bite of roti and kaju masala!!! He sat in Urmila's lap, asked her to read a book to him, and took one bite from me and then he pulled the plate next to him. He had another bite and then one more. Meera also wanted to join the fun and she sat next to me and happily munched on the food, dirtying her mouth, hair and clothes in the process.

For a moment, it felt like we were back to being a normal family. A family sitting together, having a fun and laughter filled moment, without having to worry about nausea and other things.

And the credit for that moment goes to Urmila’s parents. I must have done something good in my previous life’s to get in-laws like them. Actually, I have never considered them my in-laws. I have always thought of them as my own parents. And, they have selflessly been there with us on each step of our life. Good times or bad times. They have been our rock pillar of support. They have never interfered in our lives, but at the same time, gently and smartly guiding us through it. They have exemplified the true meaning of being a parent. Loving and never scolding and excepting each and every fault of their children.

I am so thankful to God for having them here.


Anonymous said...

:).See the old happy days are coming back..from now on every thing will be fine and hope Shivam's treatment will take a smooth route towards the success.
All the best Nikhil & Urmila..
May God bless Sivam & Meera..

Meeta Prakash said...

Great to hear about the update at home ...... wishing all of you very happy times ahead !

Goodluck !

Anonymous said...

great going nikihl with ur lovely kids and urmila.I wish these days the same forever

Anonymous said...

what is kaju masala ? :)