Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another blood transfusion today

Shivam had another blood transfusion today. Nothing major, but we spent almost the whole day at the hospital.

I have now learnt how to flush the port on his chest. This now saves us an extra daily trip to the hospital. With rising gas costs, learning all this stuff is almost a must.

Lot of folks e-mailed/called to find out his condition. Well, his condition is how it should be at this intensive phase of the treatment. Some days are ok, some are not. He is getting a huge dose of chemo and his is just a 3 year old. How can he be? Brave. Definitely. In pain. Yes. Cranky. Yes. Smiles. Sometimes. Scared. Lots of times. Wanting everybody around him. Always. Playful. Whenever he has had zofran. And the list goes on...

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