Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rush to Emergency

Monday night was spent tossing and turning in the bed with pain and nausea. In the morning, his fever touched 101 and Urmila and Bapu rushed him to the hospital. I had to go to work for some meetings.

He was admitted in the hospital on Tuesday morning and we got discharged on Friday afternoon. The entrie trip was just constant fevers but no +ve results in either blood or stool tests.

The doctor got a little concerned about his dropping weight and adviced us to add 1.5 bottles of Peptomin 1.5 (stronger) to his current peptomen Junior. Shivam did NOT tolerate that at all and kept throwing it up. We stopped it and now we have moved back to Peptomin Jr.

Friday, Sat and Sun were the hottest days of this year and we had to get an AC for the room to keep Shivam cool.

Monday, his blood results came out good and the Dr. gave the go ahead to start his Phase 2 of Consolidation. Today, we are full day in the hospital to give his Cytoxin and Ara-C with hydration and monitoring.

The dr. again adviced us to put his nausea meds on a schedule even if he is not showing signs of nausea.

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