Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 4 - The longest day till now

Seattle, March 22th, 2008 - Today was the longest day. Shivam was extremely sore and irritated from the surgery. They finally removed the IV on the hand and started use the port on his chest for all medications and blood draw. That meant no more pokes for Shivam.

Today was relatively quiet day. But an important day. Today was the first day of his chemotherapy treatment!!!

Let's roll back to the beginning of the day. I went home in the morning to change my clothes. Finally.

In the afternoon, Dr. Julie Wen stopped by for one and a half hours. It was very nice of her to stop by and spend some time with Shivam, hear us out, offer advice and just listened.

Shivam started becoming cranky and irritated by noon. We were trying very hard to love him. Remember, our lives changed 3 days ago.

By 6 in the evening he was given his first chemotherapy dose. No big fanfare. Just a couple of quick shots in e port IV. More on the drugs he is being given later.

Bapu and Mummy (Urmila's parents) came in the evening. They came directly from the airport to the hospital. Shivam had almost no reaction when he saw them. It was heart breaking to see my son so down. I had to fight my tears from coming out. By 9 PM Shivam started deteriorating. His oxygen went down to 86 and pulse to 190 with a fever of 104. Doctors rushed in and out. Mobile x-ray tea, was called and cheast x-rays taken. I was shaking from inside. Fear of the unknown is very strong. I wish I was a doctor and not an engineer. Maybe I would have been able to do more for my son.

It seems he had collected water in his lungs. He was pumped a big dose of medicines and the magic soon took place. He quitened down and went to sleep. Holding his tiny little warm hands, tears rolling out of my eyes, I decided I will share his fight.

A fight of a Son against cancer. GOD, give him strength, give me strength to be his strength.

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