Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 7 - the SUN is shining

Seattle, March 25th, 2008: Second update
Looks like the sun outside is working its magic. Doctors liked the progress Shivam has made in the past few days. He also got his shot in his leg muscle without any hitches.

From what the doctors are saying, looks like we will be GOING HOME tomorrow. YAY!!!! Of course, we will be coming 4 times a week to the hospital for the chemotherapy but at least the baby can now go home to his “safe” environment.

Although he is in pain from the shot, he also understands that his isolation is coming to an end and looks like he is looking forward to it.

Our lifestyle will change a lot. Urmila will be going home to re-organize it so that it’s Shivam friendly. Since his platelets will be zero many times, his blood clotting ability will be almost zero. That requires us to change the furniture at home. No sharp edges, no high beds, etc.
But things are looking positive, the sun is out, my baby is smiling (and cribbing at the same time).


saumya said...

that's nice. lots of blessings and love to shivam.


Unknown said...

Great news! Thanks for keeping us posted.


Mette said...

lovely meeting both of you and your darling son tonight in the hallway. it is agony going through this and i recognize myself in your blog entries. but know that you WILL get through this, one minute at a time. rest, rest, rest, whenever you can. the journey ahead is long and wearying. get a break and get out of the hospital from time to time - take turns if needed. this is very intense and it's good to be reminded that the world is still turning outside, even though it has absolutely stood still in these halls. - mette and baby zoe earlywine (zoe is the 10 month old with brain cancer)

sudeb said...

great to know that shivam would finally go back home. love and hugs to him.

Cindy said...

So wonderful to hear you will be taking Shivam home today!
I have been keeping up with his progress. You and Urmila have some challenges ahead but you both have the love and determination it takes to see you through.
Blessings to you all.
I hold you in my prayers.
Shivams Nurse, Cindy
Pediatric Associates

Pari said...

GREAT news Nikhil. God bless Shivam.- Take care, Parinitha.

Shilpa Patil said...

We will always stand by you guys in good or bad. We will fight together for this. You believe in God and i am 100% sure, that GOD will help us. In no time, this will be past , and your life would be same as normal. God bless you all.