Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The day of discharge (MAYBE NOT)

Seattle, March 26th 2008 -

11:30 AM: We did all our packing last night in anticipation of our departure today morning. To our dismay, Shivam's numbers deteriorated today. Deteriorated to the extent that doctor told us he cannot leave right now. IT SUCKS. The poor fellow was all set to leave and go home and meet his little sister. He is asking me when will we leave.

It seems that his kidney got overstarined last night. His water level decreased. The doctors are going to come soon and we will talk and understand what happened.

On the positive side, he pooped today after 7 days. Also, he is being a good boy and drinking water.

Let's hope we can leave by end of day.



Shilpa Patil said...

hang in there

Sudhir NAir said...

hey nikhil and urmila..
good to hear on shivam's progress.

you will be surprised with the amount of courage the little one has and willpass on to you:)

do reach out if you need help.your blog took me back 2.5 yrs when it all started for us.

all the best.

best wishes