Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bright and sunny today

Redmond, April 1st, 2008: Today has been a bright and sunny day. My spirits are up (thanks to all the friends and well wishers).

Shivam has been mostly tired and sleeping today, but atleast he was not crying in pain. We gave him oxycodone twice and zofran once for pain and nausea. We have also invited his Rutwick chachu and Shilpa mausi in the evening to play (just putting a little pressure on them in public :-)).

Now we are starting to understand his moods better. He, in turn, is sort of starting to understand that medicines will ease his pain.

We also took another major decision today. We pulled Meera off from daycare. It was a very hard decision for us as Meera is very attached to Ms. Mar (her daycare teacher) and Ms. Mar has been instrumental in Meera's development. But the risk of exposing Shivam to infections was too big. Hopefully, Meera will be able to resume her daycare in a few months (once Shivam comes out of intensive therapy phase). Bright Horizon's is one of the best places where we could have sent both Shivam and Meera. The teachers there are great, very educated, gentle, loving and take great care and pride in grooming the kids for an excellent future. Joile, the center director, was very understanding when we conveyed our decision to her today. Again, I am glad to be associated with folks like Jolie, Ms. Leah and Ms. Mar.

And, lastly but not least, SORRY to all those to whom I have been rude in the last few days. I have been under extreme stress and seemingly inconsequential things seem to have been triggering my temper. Thanks to Matte and Zoe for their supporting words of encouragement.

I had hoped to take some pictures of Shivam but he is not letting us. Maybe his Rutwick chachu can work some magic.


Unknown said...

I'm so happy that today was good for both Shivam and you folks. I've been hard pressed for words..and would like you to know that if you need any help please don't hesitate to ask.

I know that we haven't met each other many times..but reading your blog makes me feel really close to you folks.

I wish you all the strength and patience. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


saumya said...

Good to know that Shivam is getting a bit adjusted now. I'm praying for him everyday, and have full faith that God will let you out of these difficult times very soon!

take care,

Unknown said...

Really glad that you both had a good day Nikhil. We could see that you were stressed out this morning but I think Shivam and the sunshine outside helped your spirits up.
Wishing and praying that everyday day will be like today..

Deepak said...

Good to know that day went well for both of you.

Our prayers and wishes are always with you and hoping see more and more bright and sunny days like this.