Monday, April 7, 2008

Critical but stable

Seattle, April 7th, 2008: 6:30 PM: Critical but stable was the doctors diagnosis today. He is still under wait and watch in ICU and they will make any decision tomorrow afternoon.

Lot's of numbers, test results and diagnosis came in today. The bacteria in his bowel had attacked the wall on his gut making his stomach very weak, tender and full of pain. They also seaped into his blood stream causing blood poisoning. But, they have figured out one of the 2 bacterias in his stream and working on finding the best antibiotic for the cure. The bacteria (named Pseudomonis) is a very notorious one and they might have to give 2 antibiotics to remove it. Good and bad.

He also had 3 bowel movements in the afternoon. They did have blood traces hiddne but the doctors were not too concerned. They would get concerned if they could see blood directly with naked eyes.

Some more numbers: His bone marrow number also came back in today. When he was admitted on March 19th, he was 99% infected. A week or 10 days ago, he was down to 7%. Last friday, he came down to 2% infection in bone marrow. Tina mentioned that was very encouraging. Good.

Although ha had platelets transferred yesterday, they again fell today below critical levels. The doctor has ordered some more. The doctor mentioned that this is quite common.

He is almost off the life support systems now. He still is on oxygen on and off but the 2 medicines for blood pressure have been turned off now. Good.

Hmm...What else happened today? Urmila finally had 2-3 hours of sleep. She has been up alost 4 days and nights in a row and she was almost falling today. Good.

They also did a CT scan of Shivam's abdomen and found nothing alarming. But he has lot of stomach pain and they are closely monitoring it. This has the potential to become a serious issue and might require surgery in stomach. Let's keep our fingers cross and wait and watch.


sudeb said...

having bowel movement is a good sign..i suppose. you also take some rest.
convey our love to shivam

Anonymous said...

Shivam is in our thoughts and prayers. He is a fighter and will win this horrible battle for good.
Take care