Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hope God listens to someone

9:30 AM: Depression is a hard thing to fight when you have a baby in extreme pain. Shivam slipped back a little and is now back on oxygen support. His belly has also grown and he has a lot of pain and is on constant morphine drip. The going becomes tough when mornings are so hard.

5:40 PM: No status change after 12 hours. He has become more cranky and keeps on asking for water which we cannot give. It pains and irritates.

Update 2: 9:10 PM: His situation has become worse. He is now unable to pass urine and the doctor ordered a catheter to be put for him. He is not even fighting anymore. All he wants is water.

God help us...if you are there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil, I just cud not stop my tears flowing down. Remember me ?, I am Geetha Naik , E&C classmate of SSIT. The first thing I rememberd is " mrutyunjaya japa" which unknowingly I started reciting as soon as I read the blog. I pray from my heart to give you and Urmila all the strength to face this difficult situation and long life to Shivam. God bless shivam. Take care. Bye- Geetha

Anonymous said...

When I saw Urmila today her eyes said it all, my son is a fighter and I am there with him. The strength with which she has been standing and holding her son's hands day in and day out just makes every effort and struggle I have had in my life feels like nothing.

Shil will tell me did u ask Nikhil this, did you tell Urmila that and I will say no I did not. I didn't say much. When you look at Nikhil or Urmila there eyes will say everything and I just go speechless. Words have lost meaning I think.

Shivam is in our prayers and I pray to God to give Nikhil and Urmila strength to go through this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

Hope shivam has stabalized since the morning?

with fingers crossed and hands folded !!

Sree said...

You guys are in my prayers.. May God give you the strength to face everything and emerge stronger.

Anonymous said...

I shall pray for him everyday....be brave. It will soon be over.


Anonymous said...

Hoping to hear some good news. Trusting that after every night comes morn and even the worst is to change though slowly for the best. Waiting for that change soon. Praying for you dear Shivam.

Anonymous said...

Nikhil / Urmila,
I have come to this site almost every other day since I found out about Shivam but just could not find the right words to express my anguish. I am sure he will feel better over the next few days. Have faith in the One watching over all of us. If we mortals can't stand to see a child in pain, be assured that He can't either. Please be strong and have faith and please let us know if we could help you in any way.

sudeb said...

every dark cloud has a silver lining......shivum is in our prayers. we pray solemly for his recovery and good health.

Anonymous said...

I am checking this site a couple times per day now as you are always in my thoughts. Shivam and Mary Grace are in daycare together. Our family here in Washington and in Iowa are praying for you and Shivam. I wish there was something we could do to make this all better. Know you are always in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you strength during this most challenging time.

The Lanphiers

Anonymous said...

Really heartbreaking to hear Shivam asking for water. I realize that you can't allow him to drink water, but can you atleast wet his tongue/mouth with a wet towel?

Anonymous said...

Feeling very positive for Shivam... he will surely feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil and Urmila,
All of us are praying for Shivam.
God has to listen to our prayers.
God bless him.

Upasna & Pamposh

Deepak said...

Nikhil/Urmila, Keep the faith and god surely will listen to all our prayers.

Anjan Das said...

Dear Nikhil & Urmila,
We're praying to God and we're sure he's listening to so many of us who're praying for Shivam.

We admire the strength you have to get through the first fortnight and may God give you all the strength to be normal and happy with Shivam.

Anonymous said...

I want to read the word that Shivam is doing better now. I have refreshed this page many times since morning. My heart is beating faster. I cannot concentrate on anything. As parents I can understand what you are going through. Iam chanting Mrutyunjaya Mantra for Shivam. He will be fine soon.

Mette said...

oh, I can't stand that you both and Shivam are having to endure so much pain. I am thinking about you all the time. I am imagining all your love and healing energy pouring into Shivam's bloodstream, coursing through his body and filling it with health and stability. Praying, praying, praying for things to turn around... Mette and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Dear Urmila and Nikhil, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are anxiously waiting to hear that our little Shivam is getting better.

Pallavi and Amit

Unknown said...

I admire all your strength and I pray god to give you even more strength and put Shivam in the path of recovery soon. Like someone mentioned here, I request you to pray to Lord Balaji of Tirupathi and to Sai Baba of Shirdi. Please request someone in the family to read Sai Satcharitra at http://www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html. Shivam will be fine soon.

Maya said...

Nikhil and family,

Oliver and I send our best wishes every day. Stay strong. It will end - positively - soon.

- Maya

Anonymous said...

I came here as one of my friends recommended to read it.

On reading I had tears in my eyes. Shivam is so cute and adorable. I pray to god to give him strength to fight for his life.

Just like everyone, Shivam needs smiles, laughter and a long life. Please God, please God, give that to him.


Jyothi said...

Dear Nikhil and Urmila,

A freind of mine has forwarded this site to me read and pray..then i tried to read the whole the page bottom to top. It was really heart breaking and very sad to hear. Shivam is in our prayers every day. may god give you enough strength to become more stronger and stronger. Just be brave and have faith. Hoping that all our prayers help shivam to get stronger and stronger.

Will keep on watching this site everyday to follow shivam's improvement.

Jyothi from Finland