Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(Updated) Still an uphill battle

7:00 PM update: No progress in the situation. His belly is now very swollen. Still having a very hard time breathing and is on oxygen. Since he did not pee the whole day yesterday, his whole body is swollen. No good news to share. He is still under wait and watch. Hopefully, the night might bring positive changes.

10:30 AM: Not sure how to classify today. Things that were critical yesterday seem to be improving today. But he has developed other problems overnight. We will be spending another day and night in ICU today.

The good
1. His stomach is looking more softer (but is still very tender).
2. The doctor could hear his bowels working (that’s good)
3. CVP (water level) was better

The bad
1. He still needs oxygen blow.
2. His kidneys are not working normally. But that may be because of some medicines.
The blood culture has shown a very nasty virus (Grand negative rods) that loves to stick to plastic. They will test his port-a-cath in his chest to see if it has developed infection and if yes, it may need to be surgically removed.
3. Mouth sores are there. This is a side-effect of chemotherapy.

1. Change one of anti-biotic (gentamycin changed to Sipro). This will be more easy on his kidneys and hopefully they will recover.
2. Platelets are low (23k). He is getting a transfusion now.
3. Give some medicine (lasix) to make him pee more
4. Check his port-a-cath for possible infection
5. Check the IV in his neck for possible infections
6. They will continue to watch this stomach
7. They will continue to do more abdomen x-rays
8. Still no water or fluids by mouth today.


Mette said...

I am crying with relief. I know that things are still scary, but it sounds like everything is better under control and can be managed through the actions you listed. Nevertheless, I will keep praying for Shivam to experience peace and comfort, and for you both to experience peace and comfort during this most frightening and painful journey. I hope to see you all downstairs very soon (because that will mean he is doing much better). -Mette and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Shivam will be fine.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear the progress. I've printed the beautiful prayer submitted a couple days ago and keeping it at my desk to pray during the day for Shivam. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. May Shivam and you experience some comfort very soon.
Susan L

Anonymous said...

Our son Nam mentions Shivam almost every day. We hope Shivam will recover soon and rejoin Nam at school.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the progress..

Maybe you'll could play some kind of chanting for him in the room (some diversion for him through all the pain)... or something he likes... soothing to his ears..

Anonymous said...

I am sending as many positive thoughts your way as possible. I hope for a strong recovery for Shivan and some rest and relief for you and Urmila.
-Mary Beth
(Urmila's former co-worker)

Anonymous said...

No prayer goes unanswered. Every word of every chant that is going with Shivam's name from all over is going to pierce through the pain and make it better. I hope the bachcha can be the kid soon. He is my warrior right now. I know he will win by all means.
In deep prayer

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day and can only imagine your pain. You are so brave to share this with us. My family and I pray for Shivam every day.

Anonymous said...

Nikhil/Urmila please play this audio in his room in a low volume. Play it through the day. at home and even in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

I have shared Shivam's story w/ my family, friends & different churches. You are in our prayers everyday.

Sahasra said...

Please read Sai Satcharitra....He will be fine...I'll also read for dear Shivam....Have faith on GOD....

Anonymous said...

no updates yet?? hope things are settling in...

in anticipation!!

Unknown said...

You are brave man Nikhil. We are proud of You. May God help us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil and Urmila,

We are praying for Shivam...God bless him.

Sandeep and Prachi

Anonymous said...

Dear Urmila, Nihil and Shivam,

You'll are one through this entire battle and you'll are going to win... hes your strength and you'll are his...i know its hard to see him (feel helpless)but u guys are doing your best... and so is he .. he loves his Mom and Dad and is trying his best..
sincere prayers to you'll and wishing for a brighter tommorrow !!

take care

Anonymous said...

No updates yet...I am hoping a good news!