Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 5 - From the heart of the mother

Prayers, hopes and wishes will bring Shivam to the fast track of recovery. I loved the comment "have the courage to accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope".
God has shown miracles and I strongly believe he will take us through this ocean of pain.

Today Shivam slept most of the day with very little times of being awake. His body is even more swollen today. The doctors say that he will have to develop the white blood cells to fight the bowel problems and other infections(viral, bacteria and fungal) that he has. It is expected that this might happen next week. The doctors are trying to reduce his antibiotics also today.

I wish I could take all the pain this boy is going and make him smile and laugh and play silly as he always did.Today is Thursday - Sai Baba's day. I prayed and prayed the whole day and I thought I saw Baba smile at me today. I hope he sees my sincerity and fullfils this mother's wishes.

Once Shivam gets better, there is so much to do
I need to go to the church and the temple.
I need to do so many pujas.
I need to do so much goodness in the world.
I need to make the world a better place even if it is in small ways.
I need to smile and always remember the treasures that I have.

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes, I am sure the almighty is listening and working on his plan at this very moment. I am waiting for him to execute it. As somebody said "Have patience and belief"


Anonymous said...

Dear Urmila,
God will definitely answer your prayers. These are Navratra days and Mata will not deny a mother. She will help you in overcoming hard days .


Anonymous said...

We are all praying that he does gets better soon. Shivam used to go to the same class as my son Aditya at BH - We were always amazed at how skilled he was with the scissors or eating spaghetti with a spoon! As they say the darkest hour is before dawn - and we are confident that Shivam will come out fighting and be more stronger than ever.

On a different note, when you folks get some time, it is be worthwhile to sit and see in your daily patterns, if there are any triggers that you could avoid in the future. e.g. place you live, food habits or chemical usage that maybe potentially carcinogenic.

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering on a positive note "Shivams struggle for life" could be reworded ... the smallest positive approach could work wonders .. just a thought!!

Urmila you have touched every mothers heart today ...

Anonymous said...

I like the title Struggle for Life. We all struggle in life, and Shivam is struggling more as his parents also struggle for his life. Many prayers and blessings. I check this site often for updates. Know that I am thinking and praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could hold a dream for you
If I did I know it would help you through
It's never easy when the heart gets in the way
Wish I could hold you close and take your pain away

Wish I could let your fears subside
Every night when you're alone and need to cry
It's not like the damage has to be the end
Wish I could hold you close, my friend

It's never fair when the world turns upside down
It's never clear when the heart is in the lost and found

Wish I could hold my breath for you
If I did I know we could find a higher latitude
It's never easy when the pain and heart are one
Wish I could mend your heart and help you carry on

Wish I could make a dream for you
If I did I know we would be at a different altitude
It's never easy when the heart feels so betrayed
Wish I could take your pain away

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog on almost a daily basis with not being able to convey words as just a prayer comes out. We go through our tests in life, some bigger, some smaller, but whatever it is, there is a plan. You have a home and rest shelter anytime in Seattle, we are here. Please please please know that.

Shelly and Anita Kamran

Anonymous said...


tomorrow is a friday...Devi Ma will listen to all our prayers. Can you tell me his birth star? I want to perform a puja on his name in Devi temple tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you pray to Jesus Christ, the One and Only God. He created the universe and He created your son. I am praying to Him regarding your situation.

Anonymous said...

This is not the place or time for theological debates. Urmilla and Nikhil, your strength in this is a beacon. I read your blog several times a day looking for good news. You have the best medical care and good friends around you. Your friends from the other side of the country have you in our thoughts.


Pari said...

Dear Urmila,

I read the blog everyday to check how little Shivam is doing.
God has to and will listen to your prayers. I know its very hard and I can't even imagine what you must be going thru. You guys are in my prayers everyday. God bless little Shivam.

Take care

Pari said...

Hi Urmila,

Remember Lord Shiva temple on Airport road in Blore which has 65 ft. tall statue of Lord Shiva ? There is a wishing well in that temple. Please ask your brother or someone in B'lore to visit the temple and put a coin wishing for Shivam's recovery and long life. I have personally wished for things in the past and have got it. I have lot of faith in lord Shiva and I'm sure he will listen to your prayers.
Take care - Parinitha

Anonymous said...

Urmila and Nikhil-

I have often heard that more things are wrought through prayer than this world dreams of. Be assured that Shivam is in all our prayers every day and night.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.