Sunday, April 13, 2008

Giving a good fight and sort of winning

Another day in waiting. Some things improved. Some went bad.

His belly is now much better than yesterday. It's more softer, less tender and less pain. Continuing the same measuring scale from yesterday, he is now 4 months pregnant :-)

On the flip side, his fever increased and was in the range of 101 - 102 the whole night and today morning. So much, that the doctor told to give some tylenol by mouth.

Another side effect of NG tube (tube via nose into stomach to drain it out) was that critical electrlytes (such as potassium) also went low in his system. He is now getting them through the IV too. The doctor mentioned that they will adjust his TPN (the food) to include those from now on.

The surgeons were happy to see his progress in the tummy area. But the hemonc dr, Dr. Park thought that they might still do a CT scan tomorrow or day after to see the cause of fever. Maybe some infection is showing up there. His ANC count was better today (150) but his WBC fell from 1.1 to 0.6.

He is now demanding noodles, daal-chawal, coffee, juice and whatever food he could think of. But it is a beautiful site to see his cribbing and complaining and we loved each and every moment of it.


Anonymous said...

Shivam, I wish I can bring you some of your favorite treats...Get well soon baba and we will have a blast...Feels like I have known you guys forever.
Praying each day.....Take care

Anonymous said...

Nikhil & Urmila,
Our thoughts are with you and all the positive energy is heading your way from east coast. We are all wishing for Shivam's quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that he is recovering day by day..but i wish his WBC count to increase so that he can be more resistant to the viruses...
get well soon will prepare all your favorite dishes for you..God bless u you dear

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

a sigh of relief....get well soon dear!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil and Urmila,
This is Shubha Aithal (Maiya) here and I was your junior in SSIT in India. I just chanced upon your blog this morning and I am just shocked and saddened to hear about this!

These are very tough time, but remember that Tough times never last but Tough people do! I have had low platelets all my life. It was diagnosed when I was 8 yrs old and till date I have had low platelets. My lowest has been 5000 and highest has been around 100K (never in the normal range). Most of the treatments are very temporary in nature. They are able to boost the counts for a short time and from experience I can tell you that platelet transfusions have given me just 1 day of count boosts. Just this last February I went through chemotherapy for treating my ITP. I am still monitoring if this has worked for me.

Dexamethosone is a drug which will cause a lot of mood swings in us adults itself. So I can just imagine what Shivam is going through. Just be positive and be around him all the time! One thing I have learnt is to educate yourself as much as possible on his condition and do the research on all the clinical trials and treatments available. I have a very good HemOnc; however I have realized that when I am well versed with my condition and well aware of the treatment options, I have a much more fruitful discussion with my doctors. Please feel free to email me incase you would want anymore information.

I do remember the ordeal my parents went through when this was first discovered. But to their credit they never ever let the fear show when they interacted with me. Shivam needs you both the most at this time. You know and understand him best. His immune system is very weak right now so please do not feel guilty about saying no to visitors. Stay strong and Stay positive. I know it’s difficult. But from whatever little I have known you guys, I can honestly say that you guys can overcome this Brick Wall!

My prayers and best wishes are always with you all.