Saturday, April 12, 2008

A mixed day

Today was a mixed day. Shivam had a couple of more doses of lasix and pooped a few times. He also had the nose suction tube replaced and moved some fluid for there too. This resulted in his tummy going down from 9 months pregnant to 5 months. He was so drugged today that he has been sleeping through the whole day.

On the other side, he developed fever today. it's mostly low grade fever and no medicine was given for it (as he cannot take anything from his mouth).

He also collected more fluid (as compared to yesterday) in his lung cage. This is mostly due to constantly lying down. Urmila did take him in lap for 15-20 mins but we will have to increase this.

His ANC (bacteria/virus fighting capability) is still very low as his white blood cells. But they are better than yesterday. Hopefully, in a day or two it will increase and he will be able to fight these bad guys on his own.

They also did some tweaking in his antibiotics again today. One of the new antibiotic cannot be given through the same port as the food IV is going. So they "installed" a new IV in his arms and gave it from there. They also replaced the port access on his chest as one access can last only 7 days.

I wanted to apologize to my friends whom I told not to come in today to visit Shivam. It was very hard for me to so no, but it's for Shivam's safety. Once his ANC count becomes OK, he can socialize more. Right now, he cannot afford to get any more viruses. I hope you guys understand this father's dilemma.


Anonymous said...

Does he allow you to carry him on your shoulder?
Lil Shivam please listen to mom and dad....God bless you dear!

Anonymous said...

Been waiting all night for better news. So relieved to learn he has improved since yesterday. Everybody's vibration and energy is directed towards his quick recovery. He is not only a bundle of joy, but also a BIG bundle of remarkable fortitude, willpower, endurance, resilience...
Love you,

Unknown said...

Good to hear about the progress. I must thank you for keeping this blog updated regularly. I understand how hard it must be for you to keep this updated in the midst of all that is happening there, but you are doing the right thing of expressing your emotions. By God's grace, your love and the best level of medical care, Shivam will recover soon.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for the update since last night.Relieved to know that he is improving.
Shivam will be always in my prayers.
May God bless you kiddo
love you dear