Thursday, April 17, 2008

The soldier took two steps back

Last night was very rough for Shivam. His fever was constantly high and he developed extreme stomach pain. The nurses and the doctors increased his morphane drip and give him extra shots of the same. The pain would go down for an hour and then come back. Shivam continues to get massage therapy 4 times a day for his lungs.

Doctors stopped by in the morning and were quite concerned about his fever. They did a bunch of more blood tests for liver and other organ functions and that came out normal. The fact that he has fever and has stomach pain was concerning and the surgeons were called. Heamonc doctors were of the opinion that the stationary water in his belly was getting infected.

His platelets count again fell and he got another transfer today.

The surgeons came and touched him and poked him (for his good ofcourse). They also examined the xrays and CT scans. They did not feel the need for a surgery right now.

But he is very tired and in pain. I am sure he will get better.


Anonymous said...

Shivam, I am not sure how I can we help you dear.
God! Please help our little baby.
Om Gan ganapathay namah!!!
Ganapati bappa morya!!!

Anonymous said...

We all wait for an update... hope u feel a little relief today

Anonymous said...

God bless you dear Shivam!

Anonymous said...

Prayers non stop..Lets not slacken even a little.
Hope you feel well soon
Take care

Anonymous said...

Things will definitely take a better turn soon. All of us are praying for improvement. God please give the strength to this family to overcome these bumps.

Anonymous said...

What a month you have all had. Thank you for the updates. As always, many people are praying for you and Shivam. Know that so many of us care and want Shivam well. Blessings to you for your strength and faithfulness.

Anonymous said...

Shivam has to get better... he will!
God Bless You Dear

Anonymous said...

Shivam dear, you are enduring so much pain but I am sure you will emerge stronger than before. You are our little hero. We are praying for you every day and every time we think about you. God is watching and listening to all of us. I pray to God that you get better and come home soon.

God bless you dear


Anonymous said...

Soldier!..this sounds to be correct name you are calling your son..Shivam beta you should win and make your parents fine day victory will be in your hands finally..all the best kiddoo..

iam worried about his stomach pain..dint the doctors had an idea before that the infection would form in his tummy.I can imagine how the little one is bearing all that pain..oh my God i feel so terrible..please God please give strength to Shivam to fight with all those infections and viruses..
God bless you you dear..

Niloy Guha said...

Dear Nikhil & Urmila,

May God Almighty give you & Shivam all the strength you need to pull through these difficult times. We are all behind you in your fight against this dreaded disease.
I cannot do anything but pray for you all. I sincerely hope that all the collective wishes force God to make Shivam smile again. I have just come to know of his condition and it has shaken me I can well imagine what you guys must be feeling. God Bless!


Mette said...

two steps forward, one step back... the progress is slow indeed. but: it is progress, however crooked and windy the road may be. hang in there. he will come through this. you are all coming through this. thinking of you all the time - baby zoe and mette.

Unknown said...

Pain is very personal. No one else can really understand it. My heart goes out to you shivam, urmila and nikhil. Be strong, like all good times do not last so as well the bad times will not last. Be positive and be strong which you guys are. My prayers are with shivam always.