Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first

As Shakespeare said, "To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first."

Our Hero is taking slow but sure steps towards the goal. He is now off oxygen for over 24 hours and is breathing himself. He is more active and we are loving his crankiness every moment. I even scolded him so that he could cry and open his lungs. Bad me.

Other improvements include him turning on the bed almost himself. He gets stuck in the myriad of tubes and IV's and then he calls for help. He also listened to a couple of stories and played with Mr. Potato head.

His WBC and ANC showed a minor increase today. I had hoped for a larger bump, but I guess I got too greedy. The good thing is that they increased. Does not matter if it was small.

On the flip side, his red blood cells went to a critical level. The doctor ordered blood transfusion. It should be arriving soon from Puget Sound Blood Center and hopefully once he gets it, he will become more playful.

Urmila was feeling very tired and sick today so we sent her home to rest and charge up by spending some time with Meera and Mummy. Hopefully, she would be back by 7 or 8.

Last night, Shivam said a very complex statement for his current state. Here is the translated version: "I want to meet my uncle who has a motorbike and who gave me a motorbike." It took me few minutes to understand and decipher his words and out popped Nilesh's name. I called him immediately and asked him to come in the morning. Shivam spent almost an hour with him and Aloka and was happy (and tired).

Right now, he is very tired (low RBC) and has watery eyes. But I see this as his fight with pneumonia and I am sure he will come out victorious.

Bless him...


Unknown said...

We are very happy to see our little Shivam in a playful mood and his progress everyday. Praying that he keeps getting better and better.
You guys have just been terrific.
Nikhil, you really should get some rest too!
Give our love to the Rockstar!

Anonymous said...

yes and each tiny drop makes the ocean. Glad to know that it is getting better...slow and steady wins right??? spoke to my mother and she has made a determination to do a 10 million chants for is not easy but not impossible either. This will all flow into the ocean of prayers for our brave boy.
Also please make sure he gets plenty of audio stimulation through chants, stories, nursery rhymes, instrumental. Limit the much as possible. the audio gives room for creativity and imagination. Raffi is an all timer...let me know if you need some. i can burn them.
And please take rest whenever you can.....
take care you all

Anonymous said...

Good to know that he is improving..
iam very happy to know about the progress today..dear Shivam will get well soon and play with meera and all your toys ..God bless you u soo soo much

Anonymous said...

Very soon he is going to ask, "Hey Dad! Can you please be my horsie, I wanna have a ride."

We all love you dear..God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing Shivam today, it almost felt like he understood what he's going through, expressing himself with wants, his pain "avi hai" , looking out for his parents, (gotten very emotional).. he knows that soon hes going to be with his lil friends and is waiting to get better..its amazing to see a child understand so much and still be so patient..

Our Shivam is slowly but surely gonna have the twinkle in his eyes... God bless you !!

Nikhil Urmila thanks again for having us over.

sudeb said...

Good to know that shivam is improving..surely and steadly. Our prayers for him. We have a sarswati mandir here in our campus and almost every evening we visit for shivum's well being.....
our love and kisses to him

Anonymous said...

Good to know that Shivam is improving day to day.Its really great effort on Shivam's part to fight Spoke to my mom today and she told to pass on the message that her prayers are with shivam and family.Good to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that. Hugs to little Shivam! You are few steps away from home. God bless you dear

Anonymous said...

You are a SUPER HERO Shivam!!!
Yes, the road ahead of you is very long and rough. But your parents are with you holding your hands and all your well wishers are there for you.
We will all walk this patch together with you.
We shall overcome one day ....very very soon.
Keep up the fight!!!

Unknown said...

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