Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Shivam's numbers showed dramatic improvement today. His WBC cell count is UP, his ANC (fighter cells) are UP, his potassium is STABLE, his CO2 levels are LOW and all other numbers were good too. The only exception was the platelet count and the doctor ordered another platelet transfusion.

All the prayers for friends, family and well wishers did help us a lot. We find so much strength in the positive energy you guys share with us. We read and re-read all the comments posted on the blog and tears of joy flow from our eyes on the strength and love they provide us.

Shivam has been moderately active from the morning. He played, he prayed with me, he helped the nurse clean up his tubes and spoke and talked with us. Mausiji got him some toys to play with and he is enjoying it.

We are again amazed and touched by the sheer love and genorosity of people whom we don't even know. Your prayers and love will pull us through.

Here are some pictures (taken from the phone yesterday). I really should go out and buy one of those small sleek cameras you see in costco.


Unknown said...


Thanks for the sharing the pictures of your brave son and all the brave hearts around him. Good to see that things are turning around on the positive side. We'll continue our prayers for the little one's recovery. By god's grace, he will be fine soon. Thanks again for sharing the updates; it feels like we almost know you guys well :).

Anonymous said...

That is very encouraging news. It is nice to see your pictures. We continue to pray.

Unknown said...

Its wonderful to see the pictures of our brave boy and the loving parents. Praying for his speedy recovery day and night. Urmila and Nikhil you guys look really exhausted and tired, please take very good care of yourself as well.


Unknown said...

Hi Nikhil and Urmila -

Glad to hear that the 'good' counts are on the way up. Any improvement on the double pneumonia.?
We'll keep praying and so will all our friends and family that are now tuning in on a regular basis to monitor the progress. Thanks again for keeping us posted.
Hope you both are taking care of yourselves as well..you both are after all Shivam's immediate source of positive vibes,energy, and happiness.

Anonymous said...

After every dark night there is a bright morning….. Prayers are still ON. He will be home soon.
Waiting for you Shivam, love you.
- Jyotika

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you All! God Bless All of You :)


Milthal said...

So glad to hear this wonderful news! By god's grace lets hope he is on the road to recovery. Shivam has a great and strong support system around him. It was nice to see the entire family together.Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that.....and nice to see the pics.....Lov you dear Shivam....God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikhil and Urmila,
I am watching your page all the time. Every time, I think of Shivam, I come here to read your update hoping that he is better than yesterday. I am sure that one fine day you will give the good news - Shivam is coming home. Hope that it is very soon.
Very nice to see the pictures of you all.
I can't imagine how hard it is to fight with your emotions, but I can only imagine how strong your are. You guys take care of yourself. And praying that Shivam will be better soon to come home.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that Shivam is doing so much better now. We will continue to pray for his speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Nikhil ,
I admire and appreciate all the strength you and your boy is showing. You will win this battle, I pray for that..

My heart is with all of you..

Anonymous said...

Hi Singhal Family,
I have waited to hear this news and I been reading the blog everyday.Nice to see the pictures.It looks like mom and dad are tired so pl take turns and get some rest for yourself.You are great parents to Shivam and I love you shivam. My prayers are continuing everyday and thinking about you Shivam and all of you singhal family

Anonymous said...

Hi Shivam....
So nice to see you and you all together. Happy to see some light in the right direction and remember one good news will make way for another but still no time to slacken on faith and prayers...I will be chanting for him tonight with my group. All of you look tired yes!!! Please take turns so each of you gets to rest enough so that you can be energetic and happy when you spend time with the dearie and your other dearie at home.
In healing
Much love

Anonymous said...

kya mast khabar hain subah subah! :) am soo glad that Shivam is feeling good!

Great going Shivam!!

Give him a bear-hug from my side :D

(a soul from India, who will always have Shivam in her prayers...always!!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil & Urmila,
We are so happy to know that Shivam is improving. We will keep praying for his complete recovery.

God bless you dear Shivam.

Thanks a lot for sharing pics.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shivam,
I see you (look like Meera with your long hair)
Urmila and Nikhil u have surely made it through the darkest patch..... we are all there with you in spirits and feel the relief and joy as parents.. Praying for Shivams happiness, success and victory.
Hes surely enough conquering each "one" with all his might

THree cheers to our SuperHero :)

Anonymous said...

Nikhil Urmila,
Shivams strength is surely his beautiful parents.. Thanks for sharing every day, the ups and downs...the tears and the pain..(takes a lot of guts)
If each one of us feel so much faith in sharing, this world will become a more beautiful place ... i admire your strength, willpower and trust .. want to congratulate you again and Shivam for having outstanding parents...

Anonymous said...

Nikhil and Urmila

The two of you have shown tremendous strength and fortitude. I am sure Shivam has inherited the same strength from you guys.

Keep fighting the way you have been and do take care of yourself.

Deepak said...

That is a very good news Nikhil. We continue to pray for Shivam's speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the good news:) i have been sincerely praying and wishing that Shivam's WBC count should increase and i felt very happy after reading about the recovery..
God bless Shivam..get well soon son..love you soooo much ..Thanks for sharing the photos with us..

Reva said...

Thank you very much for sharing the pictures. I have been reading your blog every day and i am sure every thing will be fine soon and shivam is going to come home very sooon.

Shashwat said...

We pray for the speedy recovery of Dear Shivam.

Pearl said...

I have just started reading your blog and I must say that it is the strength in your struggles as well as the quiet heroism of your son that has made living a difficult reality with an extraordinary measure of grace. Good to see that things are turning around on the positive side. I'll pray for your little one's recovery. By god's grace, he will be fine soon. Thanks again for sharing the pictures and his recovery updates in a manner that it feels like I almost know you guys.

Anonymous said...

It was a relief talking to you on the phone. The parent's pulse is one with their love born.I instinctively knew that good news was round the corner. I shared the same with Shashwat and he too was relieved. Also it seems mossiji carried our energies alongwith her own huge presence. It is deeply assuring to see Urmila's parents there like a pillar. The little fairy Meera is adding the much needed cheer!
Loads of love to our Superman in disguise.

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Dear Shivam.

saumya said...

So glad to hear about the improvement in dear Shivam's counts. Seeing the pictures made my heart full. Thanks for sharing. Will be praying everyday for the fast recovery of my little brother.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

My daughter goes to the same day care as Shivam and Meera. I have been coming to your site several times a day for updates after Ms. Jolie sent us the email.
You are amazing parents and I am really touched by your courage and strength.

Keep up the spirit. Shivam is going to be fine. There might be ups and downs but everything will be alright at the end.
Shivam is in my prayers and almighty has a good future in store for him.
Both of you look very tired in the pictures. Take care and take rest whenever you can.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear this news. And also so heart warming to see these pictures of all the love around your son. The world is such a loving place when you think about it. I want you to know, especially because it is encouraging you, that my family takes time every dinner and before bed to send our love to your family. You are an inspiration. I can see in your words that prayers not only surround you, but are in you as well. Though I may never meet your son, know that my heart, the heart of my family, and clearly so many others are with you on this path.