Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some backfires, but the car is moving forward

Today was definitely a day where things moved forward. It was a day full of excitement for Shivam. Ms. Leah, his teacher from Bright Horizons, stopped by and brought some photos of his school times with his friends. She read him stories and played with him. She sang to him and he loved every moment of it.

The day started with some slipping back. The doctors yesterday started infant formula via feeding tube to start exercising his stomach. The initial dose was 5 ml/hour. Sometime in the night it was bumped to 10 ml and in morning to 15 ml. This threw his balance off and he started to vomit like crazy. The dose was brought down to 10 ml, but he continued to throw up. The doctors then ordered the dosage to stop completely. The new plan is to restart tomorrow at 5 ml/hour and wait a full 24 hours before bumping it. In essence, we lost 2 days in the over eagerness to get things right.

After his feeding tube was shut off in the afternoon, we all went to  sleep and got up fresh at 5:30 PM. Shivam asked us to make him sit and he wanted to do some paper cutting. My imaginative skills stop short at holding a full sheet straight and allowing him to cut. But Urmila became very creative and mommy and son played for over an hour cutting faces in paper and making boats and what not. Here are some of those moments captured on camera.

 101_0006 101_0007 101_0008 101_0009101_0010 101_0011 101_0012 101_0013 101_0014

After a big hour of fun with mommy, it was time for Daddy to step in. Shivam wanted to get up and sit in my lap. He actually wanted to get away from his bed. We sat on the sofa and played silly with play dough. Again, a picture is worth thousand words.

101_0015 101_0016101_0017 101_0018

He got tired after all this excitement and wanted to go back to his bed. We were able to make him wear his jammies (a big win). You can see him with his jammies, mom's boat and his beloved scissors.

101_0019 101_0020

Overall, an exciting day!!!


Anonymous said...

koi baat nai.. accelerator aur break and ofcourse automatic gears ka zamana hai. Just keep yourselves refueled all the time.

Its so nice to see him active. Wow, everyday be as exciting for him. Enjoy!

Mette said...

Yay! Shivam looks fantastic compared to how he looked earlier last week. So happy to see a smile on his darling face. I think you all may be through the worst of it. It will be a slow recovery, but at least things are moving in the right direction. It's such an adjustment for me - I expect things to move so much faster... I forget that the chemo and cancer has really taken a toll on their little bodies. Zoe's stomach is still very weak - and it's nearly 3 weeks since she started recovering. And tomorrow we may start the next round of chemo... so her tummy isn't going to feel any better any time soon. Sigh... Well, cyber hugs to all 3 of you - congratulations for surviving this last month! Mette and Zoe

Anonymous said...

hey nikhil,

Good to hear on shivam's treatment.
do reach out to me if i can be of any help.will mail you my numbers.

my love to shivam.


Anonymous said...

Its good to see you all looking refreshed, rested (a bit)and play-ful. We all have a lesson to learn from Shivam.
Siva means the One who is eternally pure, or the One who can never have any contamination of the imperfection.
Our Shivam is aptly fighting it with the might of lord Siva.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mette and Zoe
Thankyou for supporting Shivam and family. We get alot of moral support and hope from you.
Inspite of your own problems you have the largesse to share other's pain.
You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

happy to see happy and smiling Shivam..
lots of kisses to you Shivam..
you boat looks very nice..:)

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see smile on Shivam's face.


Anonymous said...

I am almost in tears seeing shivam photos, the innonence in his eyes. It's so gud to read that he is improving. We are praying for his quick recovery.

With lots of love to shivam

Shipra, Ashwani and Siya.

Anonymous said...

Sneh didi's daughter and family shipra ashwani and siya

Anonymous said...

felt happy to see a smiling Shivam each passing day will bring him a new strength.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see dearest Shivam in his element. Shivam is synonymous to strength for everyone I think. Made me teary eyed too. Urmila, you look wiped out. I hope you get some rest.
If there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate.
My number is 425-208-5835

Anonymous said...

my thoughts, heart, and prayers are continually with your family.