Friday, April 11, 2008

Damn, back to critical

Looks like we rejoiced too soon. His kidneys got overloaded and are not clearing water from his body. And he is getting tons of fluids. This water in turn is causing his blood pressure to increase. His oxygen is also not going above 90 in spite of blow pipe next to his nose. The complex mixture of pain killers, antibiotics and other medicines is causing his body to react in strange ways.

Well, the doctor has given his lasix and some antacid. He is back to close monitoring. Hopefully, he will pee out the extra fluid and be stable in the night.

Tired mom and dad from Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are on...Keep the faith. This is hard....Will keep hecking for updates
Take care

Anonymous said...

i was off for a 7 hr exam ... and missed passing by 2 % .. i exactly know how this feels... but again studying was not a waste and that 2 % or maybe 10 % this time is a bigger challenge...
(just an analogy).. Shivam has made it to his best efforts.. and hopefully he will not slide back .. we are all here determined to see him happy and healthy..
were going to make it happen !!
Lots of love to Shivam!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see a happy Shivam....